What is your hire period?

We hire our tableware and chiller items for 24 hours but also have multi-day rates.

How do we secure a booking?

Once we have confirmed that we have the items you want available on the dates you need, we will invoice you and require a 50% deposit to secure the booking.

When is full payment due?

Full payment is then due 7 days from the hire date.
For bookings made within 30 days of the hire date, we require full payment at the time of booking.

How do we pay?

By direct credit please – all our bank details are at the bottom of our invoices.

Do we need to clean items before they are collected?

Just rinsed down thanks – we can do the proper washing! Here are a few handy guidelines to avoiding extra cleaning charges:

  • Glassware  – Rinse and return upside down in trays
  • Plates, Bowls & Platters  – Rinse and return stacked in boxes
  • Cutlery  – Rinse and return in boxes
  • Chiller Trailer – All items are to be removed in time for the chiller to be
    picked up. This includes any alcohol you don’t want us to take home with us (or cake, or flowers!). We will give it a scrub and a hose down once back at base, but we must charge you if our crew need to empty out the trailer before heading on our merry way.

Generally – please make sure all food and other foreign objects aren’t returned with
our tableware, our dishwasher gets very grumpy.

What happens if we damage or don’t return items?

If items are missing when we check returned items off against our records, we will contact you (or your point person) to see if you can find them. If items can’t be located within 7 days of hire return, then we will invoice you at replacement cost.
Same goes for broken items, sorry guys, we will invoice you at replacement cost.

Who is responsible for hired items once delivered?

This sometimes gets a bit tricky, so make sure your catering staff (and wedding planner if you have one) knows that you (the hirer) will be charged for any missing, damaged or soiled items that are returned and they are aware of a few handy guidelines (above) to avoid cleaning charges.

How do we get our hire items?

We deliver! And pick up…very handy for those events where you have lots to think about. Just let us know your venue and we can calculate the delivery fee which will be based on the number of items you have hired and the distance to your venue.
That’s for tableware items…but for the chiller trailer, delivery is all part of the hire fee (oh, that’s too easy!). We do charge a wee bit extra for the chiller to travel to the ‘bottom end’ of Waiheke, but we are sure you will understand as it takes us longer to get to.

Do we need to be there when our items are delivered to you?

We have a delivery docket that needs to be signed by the hirer or their designated person in charge. This is to confirm all items are accounted for and are in a clean and undamaged condition. If the hirer isn’t there we will leave items at the hirers’ risk and will deem the goods are accounted for and in an undamaged condition.

Can we move the chiller trailer into a different spot once delivered?

Not really – our chiller is very precious to us and we get a bit antsy about it being moved. If anything should happen to it if moved while in someone else’s care, we will need to pass on charges. But don’t worry, we will make sure when we deliver it you are happy with the spot and it is all level and an appropriate one, just like our chilling machine likes it!

Can we put ice in the chiller?

No! Well you can, but it will melt. It is a fridge, not a freezer. But a common question…! If you need to keep ice cold, we do have some heavy duty chilly bins for hire…

What if I want (or need) to cancel?

We hope that you don’t, but if you cancel before 30 days of your event date we will refund you your 50% deposit. If you cancel within 30 days of your event, the 50% deposit will not be refunded.